Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pet the Dog, Screw in the Lightbulb (Helpful Instructions on Indian Dance)

Hellooooo! I hope this blog finds you well. Thought I'd check in and give you an update on this week. Wednesday, a few of my classmates and I went to the Museum Theatre in Egmore to see a dance performance by the Parijat Desai Dance Company, based out of New York City. Choreographer Parijat Desair blends Indian classical and Western contemporary dance. The first act was called "Make Space," set to electronic music by South Asian American artists--it was much more modern and 'sculptural.' The second was called 'Songs to Live For' which explores Hindustani love songs with a lot more Western partnering. We were all glad that we came to see such a unique and beautiful performance.

The only drawback of this evening was this:
Yep. That happened. It wasn't great.

The rest of the week at school was good. One day, Megan and I wore the same kurta to class.

All the cool kids shop at Fab India, you know.

Friday night, my friends Monica and Justine came by my hotel for drinks and dinner. The hotel hosts a 'Meet and Greet' with 'nibbles and cocktails.' We spoke with these two sales rep (the woman, Sarah, is who hooked up us up with the dance show tickets).

Me and Justine....pic with young, gorgeous Monica came out blurry....too bad....;)

Saturday, I had an early morning appointment with an Ayurvedic doctor. As things tend to happen here, first we went to the wrong doctor, then when we got to the right doctor, they had told me the wrong time! Luckily, though, the doctor came in to see me since I was there. If you're unfamiliar, Ayurveda, translated to 'a complete knowledge for long life,' is a traditional Indian medicine. According to Ayurveda, everyone is a combination of three dosas, or types, made up of different combinations of the elements. The goal is to have all three dosas balanced for optimum health. We all tend to lean more towards one or two dosas. Once you have been diagnosed with a dosa, you can regulate your diet and lifestyle in order to appropriately balance for yourself. This is a very elementary explanation as Ayurveda is extremely complex. Anyway, I wanted to see an Ayurvedic doctor (one who my school called 'the best in India') to learn my dosha. After taking my pulse, he diagnosed me as Vata-Pitta, which I was surprised to learn since I thought I was Pitta-Kapha. I asked for recommendations on how to eat, etc, but he told me since Indian food is so different from American food, he could not give appropriate advice. I will have to pursue this on my own. Anyway, this was a great experience even if I do not do much with it.

This is in the Ayurvedic pharmacy. He prescribed me this brown sludge to take twice a day!

An interesting side-note, when shops or offices provide mineral water, they have a community cup which you pour into your mouth without touching, as Deva is so graciously demonstrating!
He's such a sport!!!

This provided me with a nice little chuckle this morning while having my coffee and fruit. Rashes, lazy husbands....aye aye aye!!!

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