Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chennai Zoo

Deva, his wife, and three kids picked me up at the hotel in the morning. It was a great greeting of smiles and excitement to see this 'Auntie Suzanne' that daddy had been driving around for three weeks! Deva's wife brought these flowers for me and put them in my hair. They smell amazing.

The zoo was very crowded as it was Sunday, but it is an expansive setting so most of the animals had a lot of room to roam, graze, etc. Here are some of the animals we saw.


White tigers:

Exotic birds

A big cooped up hippo

I'd never heard of these:

White peacocks

Couldn't help take a picture of this sign

This sign did not inspire confidence. Also I would really like to know what the Etc. are exactly!
Finally some pictures of the family

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